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C O M P O S I T I O N S  &  A R R A N G E M E N T S

Please see below for samples of Jason's printed work.


Contact Jason to commission new work or to purchase.



Jason has composed music with a wide variety of styles.



As a songwriter and composer in the Twin Cities, Jason has written several cabaret style pieces


Ensemble Pieces

Jason is a versatile composer and has written new works for jazz ensembles, choral groups, instrumental solos and duets, and other mixed ensembles.


View samples to the left and feel free to contact Jason to commission new work or to purchase.

Arrangements and Orchestrations


Over the past decade, Jason has had the pleasure of arranging for professional and amateur instrumental ensembles and choirs.

Most known for his arrangements for jazz ensemble and choral works, Jason is also well-versed in orchestral composition and works for small ensembles.


Please contact Jason to commission new work or to purchase.

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